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F r e q u e n t l y   A s k e d   Q u e s t i o n s

Q1: How much would I have to pay for one of Ruth's original artworks?

A: For a drawing or sketch you could pay as little as £200. For a full painting you can expect a price of between £800 and £5,000 depending upon the complexity of the composition, the size, medium and intricacy of the artwork. All paintings come with a signed letter from Ruth stating the painting's story and history which acts as a certificate of authenticity and goes to provenance. If you are interested in a particular piece please contact Ruth for prices. She can arrange an invoiced stage payment scheme if you want to spread the payment over a period of time and will not be offended if you choose not to buy.


Q2: I am interested in one of the paintings on this website, how do I know if it is available?

A: Click on any painting in the /artworks section of this website and you will see an enlarged version with information underneath. This gives you the title, medium and size. If a gallery, exhibition or agent is named after this information then the painting is at that location and currently for sale through that representative. If is says 'painting available' then the painting is for sale and at Ruth's studio. If the notation says 'private collection', 'corporate collection', 'public collection' or 'artists collection' then that painting is sold or otherwise unavailable.

Q3: How do I buy one of Ruth's paintings?

A: Contact Ruth (+44 1937 849 362) to enquire about a painting's price, availability and how you can express an interest in it. Ruth will be pleased to hear that one of her paintings 'spoke' to you, and will not be offended if you choose not to buy for whatever reason. Very occasionally one of Ruth's paintings comes up for resale or auction. If you have a genuine interest in a particular piece that is currently unavailable then please contact stating 'FAO Lauren resale' and she will add your interest to the relevant database. For paintings of Arabian horses please contact Arabian Fine Art.


Q4: The painting that I like is sold. Is there a print of it?

A: Ruth publishes Limited Edition or Open Edition prints of selected pieces of work. If there is a print edition available the information on each painting on the galleries pages will tell you. You can see and purchase these and other current editions at


Q5: Would Ruth do a painting of my horse or dog? (or other animal)

A: Ruth undertakes a limited number of commissions per year. She restricts the number to allow time to work on her own paintings and development of her work. Please see next questions for price guide and turnaround. You can speak to Ruth at a show (see Q8A - covid update) or contact her via the contacts page supplying your contact details and a telephone number. Ruth will then contact you to further discuss your requirements.


Q6: I want to give commissioned painting as a gift in a month's time - Please see Q6A covid update.

A: For her commissioned work Ruth comes to visit the subject and create her own references. Ruth then produces a series of detailed pencil drawings for the client to decide which they want to take forward to a full painting. Even if she is booked and cannot commit to the date you need for the painting, she can usually produce the drawings for that time, which can be presented for the initial gift as a collection in a portfolio with a letter from Ruth stating the promise of the full painting. This is often a better solution for a gift as the recipient is given the choice of which drawing best reflects their animal and is able to become an active part of the commission process. The drawings are included in the price and most clients have them framed or presented in a folio.

Q6A: Covid update. I want to give commissioned painting as a gift in a month's time. Can Ruth help?

A: Further to the above answer. While Ruth has ocassionally completed commissions from the client's images where the subject is not available to reference, Covid lockdown has now made this a more common practice. As such, commission prices are currently discounted by the amount Ruth would normally factor in for a reference visit. Ruth currently has some commissions booked but has commission availability for 2021 and 2022. At time of update (January 2021), she is able to work on a shorter timescale than usual.


Q7: How much does a Commission cost? - Please see Q7A covid update.

A: A Commissioned painting is a very individual process and Ruth will discuss your needs and give you a quote before starting work. There are various options for commissions, with charcoal portrait drawings or watercolour sketches starting from £500 and paintings starting from £1300. Figurative paintings, paintings of more than one subject, competition or hunt referenced paintings, full painted backgrounds or larger sizes POA. A deposit is payable and then no further payments are required until delivery, unless you prefer to pay by monthly stage invoicing, which can be arranged if required. Please note that Ruth is usually booked in advance so please allow time if you need work for a certain date.

Q7A: Covid update. How much does a Commission cost?

A: Due to covid lockdown requiring Ruth to work from images supplied by the client, charcoal portrait drawings and watercolour sketches are now discounted to start from £400 (from £500) and paintings are currently discounted to start from £1100.


Q8: Where can I see Ruth's work 'in the flesh'? Please see Q8A covid update.

A: You can also see Ruth's work at association exhibitions, selected shows and horse events. Check the / exhibitions page in the  /about the artist submenu for news and details of upcoming shows and exhibitions or use the newsletter subscription form on the  / contact page to receive monthly email updates, other news and offers.

Q8A: Covid update. Where can I see Ruth's work 'in the flesh'?

A: Due to covid lockdown most of Ruth's shows and exhibitions have been cancelled, postponed or are pending. The / exhibitions page will be updated regularly with the latest information as soon as Ruth receives notifications from organisers. You can also use the newsletter subscription form on the  / contact page to receive monthly email updates, other news and offers.


Q9: Can I visit Ruth at her studio? - Please see Q9A covid update.

A: If you are thinking of buying a painting and want a Private View, then a visit to Ruth at her studio in Yorkshire can be arranged by appointment and without obligation. Contact Ruth for details and availability. 

Q9A: Covid update. Can I visit Ruth at her studio?

A: Due to covid lockdown Ruth's studio is currently closed to visitors.

Q10: Would Ruth give us a painting to auction for our charity?

A: Ruth selects one charity to work with on a particular project or to donate to each year. The charity is decided upon 12 -18 months in advance and is preferably one with an equestrian, rider safety, animal rescue/conservation, mental health or special needs remit. If you would like Ruth to work with your charity then please use the / contact  page to send a proposal. Please mark the subject FAO Lauren charity proposal.


Q11: Does Ruth teach? - Please see Q11A covid update.

A: Ruth has teaching experience at BTEC, A level and diploma level in Further Education. She has led workshops in drawing and painting in various media both in the UK and internationally.  Groups are usually a maximum of twelve people so that everyone gets plenty of individual attention. We are currently looking into new venues for workshops both in the UK and internationally,  so please contact us if you would like to host or organise a workshop. Please see the news section on the home page or the exhibitions page for details of upcoming workshop venues and dates. You can also use the contact form to send your details to be added to the workshop database and to be emailed for priority notification and booking for future dates or subscribe to the website newsletter, where workshops are first advertised.

Q11A: Does Ruth teach?

A: Due to covid lockdown all workshops are either cancelled, postponed or pending. The / exhibitions page will be updated regularly with the latest information as soon as Ruth receives notifications from organisers. Ruth is also looking into online teaching. You can also use the newsletter subscription form on the  / contact page to receive monthly email updates, other news and offers.


Q12: Does Ruth do demonstrations?

A: Ruth can arrange to demonstrate at clubs and events by appointment. Please contact Ruth for details and fees. Ruth also demonstrates at The Art Show at The Great Yorkshire Show, see the exhibitions  page for Ruth's next demonstration.

Q13: Does Ruth write articles and books?

A: Ruth contributes to various printed and digital magazines (see here for details of published articles and features) and also maintains a blog. Ruth's book Hoof, Hide and Heart: The Art of Drawing and Painting Animals (ISBN 978-1-78972-546-9) was published in September 2019 and is available here


Q14: Can I ask a different question?

A: You can email other questions to Ruth, or use the contact page, OR ask a question or comment on Ruth's social media pages. by using the links at the top or bottom of this page.

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